Friday, March 28, 2014

Malfoozat e Rumi - Fihi Ma Fihi Pdf Book in Urdu

The Fihi ma fihi (Persian: فیه مافیه‎; from Arabic: فیه ما فیه‎), literally means "It Is What It Is", or "In it what is in it") is a Persian prose work of the 13th century famous spiritual poet and writer Mevlana Jalal ud-Din Muhammad Balkhi also known as Rumi. The book consists of 72 short discourses.
The title "Fihi ma fihi" has appeared on a copy dated 1316. Another copy of the book dated 1350 has the title "Asrar al-jalalieh". Rumi himself mentions in the fifth volume of Masnavi-i Ma'navi. The book has been (freely) translated into English under the title "Discourses of Rumi" by A. J. Arberry. The Translation of this book in Urdu is also available.
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Malfoozat e Rumi - Fihi Ma Fihi Pdf Urdu Free Download
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